Justice: The Game

Justice is a role-immersion game designed to teach political philosophy. Students play the roles of representatives in a national assembly. While acting in character they must give speeches, vote on resolutions and write an essay. Roles are based on different political philosophies such as libertarianism, utilitarianism, luck egalitarianism and different forms of liberalism. Sometimes students will be able to quickly reach agreement on particular measures with proponents of rival theories. Other times they will be forced to resort to intrigue to achieve their ends. The game provides students with a strong incentive to achieve mastery of the class reading(s) on which their role is based. Students are often highly motivated to play well, up to the point of spending significant time outside of class trying to achieve their in-game objectives.

The password can be obtained by emailing Andy Lamey at alameyXucsd.edu (replace the X with the @ sign). Note that game materials are confidential: students should be instructed not to post role-sheets or other game documents online or otherwise make them public.