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Until 2019 I was a columnist and occasional feature writer for the Literary Review of Canada. My articles can be found here.

One of my LRC pieces, ‘David Frum’s Trump Card,” is reprinted in Best Canadian Essays 2019.

A piece I wrote for Quillette, “In the U.S. Campus Speech Wars, Palestinian Advocacy is a Blind Spot,” is reprinted in Best Canadian Essays 2020.

Some other articles I’ve written:

The De-Extinction of the Woolly Mammoth Is a Legal and Regulatory Nightmare,” for The New Republic.

Tinder fatigue, the endless Netflix scroll, and the real reason online life is exhausting,” for The Toronto Star.

An article looking back at the Andrew Potter affair of 2017, which involved a violation of academic freedom at McGill University, for The Toronto star.

An article about renewed interest in the early Christopher Hitchens for The Toronto Star.

An article about whether we should engage the work of artists who are guilty of serious wrongdoing for The Toronto Star.

An article on in vitro meat for The Stone, the philosophy blog at The New York Times.

A series of essays for a symposium on “What do humans owe animals?” at Cato Unbound.

An essay-review of Dialogues on Ethical Vegetarianism, by Michael Huemer, for Quillette.

An article on philosophy and the refugee crisis for an issue of The Critique devoted to immigration, human rights and sovereignty.

An op-ed arguing that focusing on the “root causes” of refugee crises such as Syria are no substitute for actually taking in refugees, in The Globe and Mail.

An op-ed on refugee resettlement and the identifiable victim effect for the Ottawa Citizen.

A review of Conrad Black’s history of Canada, Rise to Greatness, in The Globe and Mail.

My Daughter’s Second-class Citizenship, an op-ed about citizenship law in The Globe and Mail.

Feeling is Good, But Choosing is Better, a review of Can Animals Be Moral? by Mark Rowlands, in Scope.

An essay about Stephen Glass and journalism scandals in The Believer

Print media on my paper “Making the Animals on the Plate Visible: Anglophone Celebrity Chef Cookbooks Ranked by Sentient Animal Deaths.” co-authored with Ike Sharpless.

Anthropocene magazine on “Field Deaths in Plant Agriculture,” co-authored with Bob Fischer.

The National Post (Toronto) on “Making the Animals on the Plate Visible.”

Maclean’s magazine (Toronto) on “Making the Animals on the Plate Visible.”

A UCSD press release about  “Making the Animals on the Plate Visible.”


An interview about Frontier Justice from Canada AM on CTV is available here.


A short interview about Duty and the Beast with Siobahn O’Sullivan at her podcast Knowing Animals.

An interview with Jonathan Kay about libertarian and conservative interest in animal rights at the Quillette podcast.

As It HappensOne of my favourite interviews about Frontier Justice was with Carol Off on As It Happens on CBC radio (not available to listeners outside Canada).

Listen: CBC’s As it Happens

Here is a radio documentary I did for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Ideas program,  about Isaiah Berlin.

Listen: Then we Take Berlin on CBC’s Ideas



I spoke to The Climate Change Review, a UCSD student publication, on how philosophy can help us address climate change.

I did an interview on the ethics of xenotransplantation, in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Here’s an interview about the moral standing of animals prompted by the treatment of orcas at Seaworld, in The San Diego Union-Tribune.