An interview about Frontier Justice from Canada AM on CTV is available here.


An op-ed arguing that focusing on the “root causes” of refugee crises such as Syria are no substitute for actually taking in refugees, in The Globe and Mail.

An op-ed on refugee resettlement and the identifiable victim effect for the Ottawa Citizen.

An interview on the ethics of xenotransplantation, in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

A review of Conrad Black’s history of Canada, Rise to Greatness, in The Globe and Mail.

Arguing for Open Borders, a review of The Ethics of Immigration, by Joseph Carens, in the Literary Review of Canada.

An interview about the moral standing of animals prompted by the treatment of orcas at Seaworld, in The San Diego Union-Tribune.

My Daughter’s Second-class Citizenship, an op-ed about citizenship law in The Globe and Mail.

Feeling is Good, But Choosing is Better, a review of Can Animals Be Moral? by Mark Rowlands, in Scope.

The Thinking Man’s Marxist
, An essay-review of Why Not Socialism? by G.A. Cohen, in the Literary Review of Canada.

The Politics of Return, an essay-review of No Return, No Refuge by Howard Adelman and Elazar Barkan, also in the Literary Review of Canada.



Before it was a book, Frontier Justice was a documentary on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Ideas program. Link coming soon.


As It Happens

One of my favourite interviews about Frontier Justice was with Carol Off on As It Happens on CBC radio (not available to listeners outside Canada).

Listen: CBC’s As it Happens

Here is another radio documentary I did for Ideas, this time about Isaiah Berlin.

Listen: Then we Take Berlin on CBC’s Ideas